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The Power of LinkedIn

Written on 22nd May 2019 by Gromoslaw Czerski, Chief Executive Officer

We are always taught by marketers that LinkedIn is a B2B (Business to Business) platform only. People there only look at professional things, and only go on there to do serious business deals. LinkedIn is the primary social media platform for people when they are at work.

Exactly. Read that last sentence again. “LinkedIn is the primary social media platform for people when they are at work.” Which means, that they (especially salespeople) spend 9 hours a day on LinkedIn. 45 hours a week. Would you agree that’s a lot? Most companies actually ban personal social media usage – with the exception of LinkedIn. So, why wouldn’t you use that to your advantage?

Imagine you are a real estate agent, or a hair loss clinician. In fact, imagine you are any type of business owner; some of you reading this don’t have to imagine.  If you can get in front of a person when they are least expecting it, their natural preventative barrier will be a lot lower. If you are walking down your high street and you see a booth of sales representatives, you automatically start thinking of excuses as to why you can’t stop – “I’m running late for my dentist appointment,” I say whilst stuffing my face with lunch. When you are at work, looking at LinkedIn, you expect people to sell your business some services. Whether it be graphic design or stationery, you’re not going to use it personally. You don’t expect that to happen.

So automatically, your preventative barrier is a lot lower in terms of a personal sale. Now, a hair loss clinician sends you a voucher of 10% off of a product that stops hair loss. You look at your hair, and it’s thinning (happens to the best of us). Your next step is to think that you might as well –  because it is a convenience for you right now. Same thing goes for real estate – and any other niche.

Don’t discount LinkedIn as a way to market your B2C (Business to Consumer) products/services.