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Provide VALUE Upfront and You WILL Succeed

Written on 4th Mar 2019 by Gromoslaw Czerski, Chief Executive Officer

You’re in a shopping centre, and you see some people from a coffee shop standing with a tray. You notice that they are holding a tray, and on that tray, you see 7 small cups of coffee. Unless you are a pregnant woman or you just hate coffee (in which case, how are you awake?) you will take that cup of coffee. I’m guilty of it, but I have had some amazing hot chocolate at my local train station. I’ve also had amazing cinnamon pretzels in Westfield London. I mention both of these cases, because I’ve been a customer of both of those companies, although I won’t mention their names for obvious reasons.

The reason I became a customer of those companies is because of the value that they gave to me. They allowed me to experience their product, and I was instantly hooked. It wasn’t their prestigious name, it wasn’t their prestigious location; it was their product and the very quick relationship that their sales representative made with myself. In order to make a sale, you need two things: a good product/service and a good relationship with the potential client. I remember going to a certain phone store where I was treated like absolute garbage. Horrible experience. I promised myself I would never set foot in one of their stores again. I told all my friends, and they said the same. That’s potentially thousands that this store has lost, just because of one crappy experience.

By providing the value upfront and being courteous about it, the people handing out the pretzels and coffee instantly hooked me, sort of how I hooked you with this post. Yes, they lost maybe 50 pence by giving out that bit of value to me, but that revenue was made back and tripled almost instantly; and they are still taking money out of my pocket as a result of that one interaction. As business owners the main thing that you’re concerned with is the money that you’re making, because without money you can’t do anything and I completely understand. But if you’re not willing to invest into your business for a good potential return on investment, then maybe you shouldn’t be in business…

I digress, but as always, if you have any queries about this or wish to discuss anything in further detail, you can contact me by emailing Gromoslaw.Czerski@gac-media.co.uk .