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Written on 28th Nov 2018 by Gromoslaw Czerski, Chief Executive Officer

Apple. Arguably the most common thing you would associate with the word ‘fruit’. It's also the name of one of the most successful companies in the world - Apple Inc

Google - just a mishmash phrase that you would never have heard of prior to using the internet. What startups do these days, is spend days, weeks, sometimes even months thinking of a name for their company rather than actually doing anything. If you've actually ever watched the film 'Steve Jobs’ you would know that Mr Jobs himself only decided on the name Apple on the way to his first convention. Why did he do it? Well it was because it started with an 'A’ and they would be at the top of the phone book (who remembers those?).

But what really separated these companies, is their ability to brand themselves (and their innovation of course). Think about it, what sort of name is ‘Google’ or ‘Apple’. If you didn’t know what these companies were then you wouldn’t even care. I could start a business called Mug today, and if I branded myself correctly, then I could definitely bring it to a next level. You know what’s funny? I thought of the name Mug, because as I’m writing this, I’m drinking coffee which is in a mug. You really don’t have to spend any time on the name itself, because it’s not the name that matters; it’s what the first thing that comes into your audience’s mind when they hear the name of your company that matters. What’s the first thing you think of when you hear Mercedes? I think of a high-end car, even though it was the engineer’s daughter’s name.

‘How do I brand myself?’ I hear you ask. Well social media is the best way to do this in 2018, coming up to 2019. Everyone and their dog (literally) nowadays has at least one social media account. It’s what people go to, in order to unwind after a hard day of work. Now if their guard is down, and they see something relateable; whether that be informative, funny or emotional then they are way more likely to follow or subscribe to the page which the post originates from. By bringing out informative, humorous or emotional content to your target audience then they will always come back. Statistics show that you need 5-12 contacts with a potential client to turn them into a paying customer and the only way to do that is social media, and that’s why it’s so powerful.

So what have we learned today? Social Media is imperative. Branding is imperative. Get in contact today and find out how GAC Media can help your company.