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Why We Made a New Website

Written on 18th Nov 2018 by Gromoslaw Czerski, Chief Executive Officer

So… you can see that we have made a new website, and it’s a lot better than the one we previously had. But why have we done this?

Well to start off, this website just looks a lot better than the other one, and it’s more functional. It tells you a lot more about us as a company, what we do, our values and just our work ethic in regards to our customers.

So now that the visual aspects are out of the way, let’s go onto the practical side of the website. Now one big thing that you will notice is the fact that we now have a blog. You literally cannot not notice that… because this is the first blog post. These blogs are designed to give you the most value for your business in terms of marketing. We aim to give you small tips and tricks, what colours to use, what current affairs to take advantage of, how to use certain platforms for more leverage and essentially anything that we think is relevant for you in the marketing sphere.

As well as that, the contact page has been renamed to ‘Sign Up for a Discovery Call’. Why? It saves a bunch of time when people try and contact us to do business with us. Instead of establishing the fact that they want to see what we can do for them through a series of emails, we can just cut that down into the discovery call. But “what if I just want to ask you guys a simple question?” I hear you ask. Well, there is a contact box just below, just for your convenience. If you prefer to just send us an email, the email is found in the footer (mail@gac-media.co.uk).

Another reason why, is because we are wanting to make ourselves more visible on social media. You can find us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Just click on the social media respectively and follow us!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post, even though it hasn’t actually brought you any value, however if you are interested in what’s to come, then please do bookmark this page. As time progresses, we will have email lists and if you want to you can sign up to them and receive updates whenever we post something onto our blog. Other than that, have a great Sunday!